We're well into it now. Our second week has had some ups and downs, and lots of exciting new happenings. After Manchester last Monday, we went on to perform at the Bedford, New Hampshire, farmers market. An excellent time was had by all. There were a lot of kids, so we performed Mr. Rabbit Takes Mr. Wolf for a Ride a couple of times, as well as Pantalone Goes A-Wooing. After that we headed up to the capital of New Hampshire, Concord. We found a couple of nice little plazas to perform in downtown, and then went out to their Wednesday farmers market. It was a small market, but the farmers enjoyed our show so much they sent us on our way loaded down with beautiful fresh food: potatoes, squash, tomatoes, shallots, apples, pears, and even donuts and cider.

Thursday morning found us splashing our toes in the Atlantic Ocean in Kittery, Maine, where we met a new friend, Mark, who loved us and our bus, and then came into Portsmouth to watch us perform and take some pictures of us (one of them is the new banner photo on our website!). We spent the afternoon chatting with Mark and enjoying Portsmouth, which is a very beautiful little town. Mark used to travel a lot, and had some great stories for us. We then headed out of Portsmouth to catch the farmers market in Northwood, New Hampshire. It was next to a very busy and loud intersection, but we managed to get a few smiles and laughs even from those audiences 

Thursday evening we drove west to stay the night with our friend Matt in Warner, New Hampshire. We got almost there when one of the front tires of the bus started to shred on the highway. We got it towed, spent the night at Matt's house, and then on Friday I (Forrest) spent the day at the repair shop getting new front tires for the bus, while the rest of the crew got started rehearsing the next addition to our repertoire, Fool's Gold.

Friday night found us in Burlington, Vermont, where we spent the weekend being hosted by my cousins, Chapin Spencer and Rebecca Grannis and their little Zia. Their hospitality was overwhelming, and Burlington was a joy. We performed to great success, and our largest audiences yet, at the Burlington farmers market, and then later in the day performed for our dinner at a party hosted by some friends of Chapin and Rebecca's. Vermont folks are so friendly and hospitable. On Sunday we performed again for some wonderful food, brought along again by Chapin and Rebecca to a pig roast at Full Moon Farm in Hinesburg, Vermont. After so many busy streets with most people walking right past, it's such a pleasure to perform for a large seated, attentive audience.

Today we continued rehearsal on Fool's Gold, which we hope to have ready in the next couple of days, and then performed in Hanover, New Hampshire, in front of the town hall and on the campus of Dartmouth College. We've found that not very many college students stop and watch (we got a lot of "sorry, I have so much homework"), but the ones who do are very fun audiences.

We have a pretty good idea of where we're going to be this week, if you live around these areas, or know folks who do, we'd love to see you there!

Tues - Keene, NH, farmers' market and Brattleboro, VT
Wed - Shelburne Falls and Greenfield, MA, and the Turners Falls farmers' market
Thurs - Northampton, MA, and the South Hadley farmers' market
Fri - Hampshire College and the Easthampton farmers' market
Sat - Amherst farmers' market

Below are a slide show of us reveling in the generosity of the Concord farmers market, and a few other photos from our last week:
Our new friend Mark's picture of our bus looking out at the ocean.

The tire that very badly needed replacing.

Chapin Spencer's photo of us taking our bows after performing at the pig roast on 
Full Moon Farm in Hinesburg.



Giustino Cohen
10/03/2013 4:36pm

Wattawunnerful post! I love the pictures. Keep up the great work, and let me know if there are any parts in any commedia dell'arte works for my poodle-y dogs. But I refuse to let them act in Machiavelli's "Mandragola." Perhaps in "Mandogeleh."


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