We've officially made it to the east coast! We arrived in New Hampshire last Thursday, and spent a couple of days in Meredith, NH helping our dear friend Matt Frost film a conference there (yes, we can also be a part time camera crew. Gotta stay flexible!). Then we stopped in a lovely town green in Plymouth, NH, to spend an afternoon making masks for a new show of ours. Mr. Rabbit Takes Mr. Wolf for a ride is the newest addition to our repertoire. We've found children to be some of our best audiences, so we decided to add a show that they'd enjoy especially. Mr. Rabbit is from an African folktale (we changed Mr. Leopard to Mr. Wolf to stay local), although it is very much in the same tradition as our Brer Rabbit, as well as Bugs Bunny.

Saturday we headed up north a little further to North Conway, NH, where Matt, continuing to be our best friend (he also happens to be Angie's boyfriend), hosted us at his family's cottage, and allowed us to sleep in real beds and even take showers! On Sunday we performed both Pantalone Goes A-Wooing and Mr. Rabbit on the town green. We even have a little magic show now to perform between shows while most of the troupe is changing masks and costumes. Mr. Rabbit proved an excellent hit with the kids.

Today we performed several places around downtown Manchester, NH. We're looking into more trickster stories with animals to adapt into shows for kids. We're also looking forward to begin performing at farmer's markets. We have our week approximately plotted out (always subject to change, of course) as follows:
Tuesday - Amherst, NH town green and Bedford, NH farmers market
Wednesday - Concord, NH downtown and farmers market
Thursday - Portsmouth, NH
Friday - Montpelier, VT
Saturday - Burlington, VT

After that we'll be heading south from Burlington, catching a few places along the way, and landing in western Massachusetts by the end of next week. That's all the news that's fit to print! 

And just for fun, a photo that a family wanted to have taken with us after seeing our performance of Mr. Rabbit in Manchester today (missing from our photo is of course Robyn - Mr. Rabbit is a small cast, so we switch around who's playing, and she was behind the scenes and camera for this one). The family, from left to right, are Louis, James, Trevor, and Kate.


Steve Johnson
09/23/2013 8:30pm

Keep those updates coming! A lot of us are following along from home!


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